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BDP has been going for more than 20 years, and over that time, we’ve built up some unique traditions that we’ve come to hold near and dear. These traditions capture the essence of what BDP is all about. Find out what they are below!

Fancy dress

The Fancy Dress Game

Typically taking place on Friday evening, the Fancy Dress Game begins after the rounds for the day have ended. If you would like to participate, just show up in your fanciest (or craziest) gear and play a fun game of ultimate! This is the only tradition that you may have to account for when packing your bag.

The Naked Game

The Naked Game is a time-honored tradition of BDP. Taking place on Saturday evening, the Naked Game fills the field with all those interested in participating. There’s no limit on numbers, and we rely on small articles to determine who is on what team (ie hats vs. no hats) as jerseys would defeat the purpose. If you don’t feel like participating, you can always heckle on the sidelines, drink with your team, or take a dip.

Naked game tradition

The Most Valuable Virgin Award (MVV)

An award created by a gorgeous veteran BDP participant Carly Blair (left) in 2012, this award seeks to define the most valuable male-matching and female-matching virgin from each BDP addition. In case you don’t get it based on context clues, anyone who has never been to BDP before is considered a virgin, and therefore eligible for the award. But make no mistake, this isn’t a popularity contest. All former MVVs present in that particular BDP edition make up a board, deciding which virgin really made an impact on the tournament. This could be made through parties, playing hard, forming relationships, or being an all-around stellar human being—ideally all of the above. They’re looking for those that personify the spirit of BDP. At the final ceremony, the MVVs for that edition of the tournament will be announced. It is one of the most prestigious awards the tournament offers (and you get a cool hat!).