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What it includes


Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 there will be bread, cheese, ham, jam, peanut butter, tomatoes, juices, fruit and water for your breakfast, there’s always enough food for you to make your own lunch to take to the beach.


From Wednesday to Sunday, it’s included in the tournament fee. If you bring a car you can park it inside the camping area, which is also included in the fee.

You will have to bring your own tent and camping gear.

A lot of people just bring a hammock and a sleeping bag, it´s quite comfortable to sleep in the open air.


Wednesday, 17th

  • Welcome party
  • BBQ with all you can eat and drink
  • Frisbee and drinking games

Thursday, 18th

  • Dinner and Party on the beach, at Bar do Peixe

Friday, 19th

  • Dinner and Party in Lagoa de Albufeira

Saturday, 20th

  • Dinner and party.

Sunday, 21,st

    • Finals and closing ceremonies
    • Dinner – this is not included on the fee. Usually, it’s a team dinner, you can do it at the restaurant close by (it’s good to previously book a table, since Sunday the kitchen normally closes early) or at the Bar do Peixe.
    • Closing party in Bar do Peixe

    Note: Dinners will always happen late in the evening, never before 11:30


  • Transportation from the airport to the camping will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday

Note: Transportation back to Lisbon at the end of the tournament is not included in the tournament fee. We can help you to arrange it, by renting taxi for groups, but you will have to pay the taxi fares.