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BDP 2008 – Perfection


spiritSpirit winners: Lekker Bruno Lickers

Congrats to:
Jorge Lan (Mexico), Daniel Dui (Italy), Sofia Pereira (Portugal), Graham Katz (USA), Wei-Lynn Tan (Singapore), Gaele Strootman (Netherlands), Anneke Martin (Netherlands), Gili Betschart (Switzerland), Bruno Soares (Portugal), Nan Derosa (Netherlands), Chicho (Spain)

BPP2008winnersTournament Winners: Heaven Can Wait

Congrats to:
Mel Zloch (UK), Pablo Gonzales (Spain), Joe DeGiorgis (USA), Alexander Bagnewski (Germany), Mark Earley (Ireland), Catherine Seaborn (USA), Dyson McGowan (UK), Andre Pereira (Portugal), Kory Malone (Angola), Sonia Boimard
Just when you think Bar do Peixe can not get better, it does
Facebook rules, most of the pictures game from player albuns in Facebook, thank you all