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BDP 2005 – Not even a broken leg could keep people away


Tournament Winners – Dez Imperiais

Congrats to:
Rue Veitl, Will Halliday, Barney Hall, Dani Kurzi, Sandro Caldeiro, Ivonne Enselteit, Nan DeRosa, Femke Routs, and Bruno Soares

Spirit of the Game Award – Who does #2 work for?


Congrats to:
Buddha, Spoozy, Jaison, Clarke McFarlana, Hamed Roushanzar, Lorenzo Pacini, Suzanna Giendl, Filipa Bringel, Daniela Vitali, and Anneke Martin.
Other awards

  • lorenzo1World Champions Flubber Guts 2005: Harry and Rue
  • Oldest player: Pable (46)
  • Youngest player: Mimi (18)
  • Most times at BDP: Buddha (9)
  • Most obnoxious drunk: Fritz
  • Best BDP T-shirt: Sasha
  • MVP: Rue
  • Best MTA: Bert


Day Pictures

Party Pictures

BDP 2005 was another great edition with many memorable moments. Here are just a few of them:

  • Lorenzo: Not even a broken leg could keep him away.
  • Pablo was the first person to pay!
  • Kathrin wasn’t sure if she was a virgintarian.
  • Dave Beck was too heavy for the chair.
  • The Vitali family both asleep halfway through the first night.
  • Thyl undid Sofia’s bra with one hand.
  • Ian to Steve: “you owe me a liver”.
  • A circular rainbow apeared in the sky.

There are many, many more… if we could just remember them… 😉