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BDP 2002 – The biggest ever


Seven Served Chilled VirginsTournament WinnersSeven Served Chilled Virgins:

Congrats go out to:
Michele Mengucci (Portugal), Frankie Katzer and Markus Woletz (Austria), Ben Booth, Pablo Londero, Vicki Strong, Nicole Roberts, and Sven Pfeiffer (UK), and John Greenfield and Kirsty McPhee (Australia)

jamminSpirit of the Game AwardJammin’

Congrats go out to:
Maximilian Bartl (Austria), Jon Copeland (UK), Jens Meyer (Germany), Dani Kurzi (Switzerland), Anna Matthies (Germany), Marco Rizzolio (Portugal), Natalie Visser (Spain), Fritz Wallisch-Pertl (Austria), and Fatima Yousif (France)

It never seizes to amaze me how much fun this tournament is each year 🙂 The people, the surrounding, the weather, and the sport get together at the right place at the right time. This year, the bar was renovated and which added a lot to the party atmosphere. The Formal Game was also a big success.
My thanks goes out to all the players, the people from the bar, the campsite, and the restaurant. It is really you that make this tournament so great each year!. THANKS!

Patrick van der Valk

The view and the people


The fifth Bar do Peixe tournament was another success. The setup was identical to previous years, ever the only thing that we will from now on change, is not to invite any unwelcome virusses. About 25% of the players fell victim to a nasty 24-hour stomach flu. Nevertheless, the quality of play was good, and even the virus could not break the high spirit.