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BDP 2000 – A day-to-day pictorial


Tournament WinnersWyooter Hooter:

Congratulations to: Mike Grant (Canada), Gunter Strube and Brigit Immen (Germany), Miquel Prat (Spain), Jesper Snorgaard and Laura James (UK), Bruno Soares (Portugal), and David Beck (Switserland)

Spirit of the Game AwardSkinnydippers

Congratulations to: Wayne Davey (UK), Patrick van der Valk (Portugal), Michel Fougeres (USA), Jaime Ferrer (Spain), Harald Hofmeier (Germany), Doris Wohlfart (Austria), Auralyn MacKenzie (Canada) and Chris Fluckiger (Switserland)

Thursday  The first day of playing

Thursday Night The first night of partying

Friday Games start at 2 PM

Friday night Dinner at Pomar de Lagoa

Saturday Sun, Beach, and Parties

Sunday Rough