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BDP 1999 – We thank the players

Tournament WinnersSomething Fishy:

Congratulations to: Antonio Rodriguez, Rocky Beach, and Kaleen Moriarty (Spain), Jaymeen Patel, Collin Eagle (UK), Tibor Kunert (Germany), Nick Rahn (France), and Fred Lambin (Belgium)

Spirit of the Game AwardSexy Caipirinha

Congratulations to: Jill Hardiman and Pablo Martinez (USA), Anne-Sophie Chaillou (France), Jaison DeCicco and Paul Charette (UK), Christoph Böttcher (Germany), Christian Schneider (Switserland)

BDP 99 was yet another great experience. Our thanks goes out to all the players around the world…
Thank you! We know you’ll be back sometime 😉

Do-it-your-self dinner at the camp site

Flaming what-ever-you-call-thems

Flubber Guts

 Hot, hot, hot

Midnight is dinner time

New Papa

Some teams