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BDP 1998 – As good as the first time…

Tournament Winners : French Fried Feet:

Congrats to:
Melissa Larky, Sharlene and Pablo Martinez (US), Peldi (Italy), Cédric (France), Rocky Beach (Spain), Benjamin Silcock (UK), Zuli (Austria)

Spirit of the Game Award : Just Plain Silly

Congrats to:
Chris Scheider (Switserland), Toffi, Luisa (Italy), Jaison DeCicco, Stuart Wishart(UK), Kaleen Moriarty (Spain), António Fernandes, and Patrick van der Valk (Portugal).

The second BDP saw a large increase in players. Eighty players came from all over the globe: Austria (4), Canada (1), France (5), Germany (7), Holland (6), Italy (16), Portugal (10), Spain (6), Sweden (1), Switserland (5), UK (9), and US (10).

The fear having to equal the previous year quickly disappeared. New and old players mixed in well and the tournament was a great success once again.

The only small blemish was that a calculation error at the end of the round-robin put the wrong teams facing each other in the semi-finals:
French Fried Feet should have played against Sand Eaters, and Selecção should have played In The Shadow. If this would have changed the final outcome we will never know… Considering the feedback that we got after the tournament, it didn’t matter and that we can only assume that the 2nd BDP
was another success 🙂