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The Fields

All four days of ultimate take place at the gorgeous Praia do Moínho de Baixo, known to most as Praia do Meco. It’s about 30km south of Lisbon, and boasts large expanses of sand, an incomparable sunset, and Naked Hill (ask a veteran).

The tournament is named after Bar do Peixe, a restaurant/bar located right up the hill from where we still play.


BDP is a camping tournament! This means that you do need to bring your own gear, including tent, sleeping bag, mattress, etc. The camping “O Repouso” is set next to Lagoa de Albufeira. A 30-minute sober walk from the fields, there will a shuttle from the camping to the fields in the “morning” (in reality, early afternoon) and at night after the party.

If you miss either of those, it’s a lovely and scenic trek to the beach. Consider it an adventure!

If camping isn’t your thing, some players rent houses, others rent camper vans, and some rare folk just tie a hammock up between two trees. If you’re thinking about renting but can’t decide or are looking for a group to join up with, you can always write in the BDP Facebook group.

How To Get There

Given Meco’s distance from Lisbon and its somewhat out of the way location, public transport is virtually impossible to get to the camping or fields.

This year the BDP team is recommending that all players take a taxi or Uber from the airport to the camping (or the fields directly if you arrive late). We will help organize these rides by setting you up with other people arriving in the same timeframe as you, so everyone can split the cost.

For the ride back to Lisbon, we’ll be doing the same, so feel free to let organizers know if you need help with getting a group for a ride. Otherwise just hop in with some of your new friends to make the trip back!