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Praia do Meco

JUNE 21 > 26 / 2023

The first BDP took place during the summer solstice weekend of 1997, from Thursday June 19th to Sunday June 22. Like most wonderful things in this world, “serendipity” was highly involved in the origin of what turned out to be a magical event. It all started with a push from an Italian Ultimate player (Peldi) to Michele Mengucci (Mik), who was living in Lisbon at the time.  Considering that there were very few Ultimate players in Portugal at the time, the idea of having folk to play Ultimate with for a few days was highly inviting. The next step was to find the venue; a place to sleep and space to set up fields. Grass is not easily available in the Lisbon area, so it had to be a beach… preferably a big beautiful one.